La Tierra Torture ’19

This is the racecourse for the La Tierra Torture in 2019. The route starts along the waterline road in the middle of La Tierra (pretty much the middle point) and does a large figure out highlighting some of the best ridgelines, descents, and climbs in the trail system.

The Ride

  • Cross Country
  • Easy to moderate difficulty
  • Best Year-round (can get hot in summer and snowy/muddy in winter)
  • Access from Frijoles Trailhead
  • Total climb: 800′, Total descent: 800′
  • Total distance: 9 miles
  • Time needed: 1-2 hours
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Park at your choice of trailheads, which there are many. From there you can get to the center of LT by practically any trail using the maps available at each intersection. Following the course is pretty self-explanatory and is a great route for XC, SS, and general ridership looking to get some miles in.

As a whole, La Tierra is a great system to explore and enjoy on your own: this route is a good guideline to get started or to measure your fitness if you’re considering the race one of these years.

Download PDF Map
Download GPX Route