La Tierra Figure 8

This route is one of our classics combining both sides of La Tierra and enjoying some of our favorite segments. The Figure 8 goes clockwise on the east side, then counterclockwise on the west side.

The Ride

  • Cross Country
  • Easy to moderate difficulty
  • Best Year-round (can get hot in summer and snowy/muddy in winter)
  • Access from La Cuchara Trailhead
  • Total climb: 900′, Total descent: 900′
  • Total distance: 10 miles
  • Time needed: 1-2 hours
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Starting at the La Cuchara (the white Unitarian church off the highway), you’ll cross the arroyo and catch the first segment of singletrack as you climb up and past the waterline road that bisects La Tierra and continue towards Camino de los Montoyas.

Once you safely cross the road, you will begin what has been nicknamed by some the ‘toilet bowl’ and ride the loop clockwise, enjoying some rock, loose, and swoopy descents and mellow climbs.

Cross back across Camino de Los Montoyas the way you came, but now continue west as you make a large loop on the outer ridge trails of La Tierra proper.

The final highlights include the zigzag to connect to the ‘Whoops” and finish on the Pirate Trail, two segments of rollercoaster-like features. Keep your eyes on the horizon for the church and you’re home sweet home.

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