Galisteo Basin Race Route

This route is from the inaugural 6 Hours in the Basin for the Commonweal race that will now be an annual event hosted by the Core Crew. The route explores the northern ridgelines before heading counterclockwise south into the open desert, and then back through more meandering features back towards the trailhead.

The Ride

  • Cross Country
  • Easy to moderate difficulty
  • Best Year round (can get hot in summer, use discretion)
  • Access from Cowboy Shack Trailhead
  • Total climb: 800′, Total descent: 800′
  • Total distance: 10 miles
  • Time needed: 1-2 hours

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Starting at the Cowboy Shack Trailhead, heard north on the double track for a little while before hooking up to the proper singletrack that leads up the tights turns onto Elizas Ridge.

Enjoy the views and continue counterclockwise along the ridge before hooking up to Sophies Spur and the fun descent to the arroyo. Now you’ll begin the long, meandering xc singletrack before turning East and eventually North back towards the trailhead.

Like La Tierra, Galisteo Basin is well marked at intersections, so take time to check the map and explore to your heart’s content.

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