Dale Ball Central Lunch Loop

Got an hour lunch and need to get in some singletrack? This loop is easily accessible from downtown Santa Fe and provides a great option for riders looking to explore the Dale Ball trails.

The Ride

  • XC/Trail
  • Moderate to easy difficulty, good fitness recommended
  • Best March-November
  • Access from Water History Park
  • Total climb: 950′ , Total descent: 950′
  • Total Mileage: 8 miles
  • Time Needed: 1 hour
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Starting at the Water History Park, this loop climbs Upper Canyon Road and connects to Dale Ball Central via the gate just across the river, which starts with a quite steep, albeit short climb.

You’ll meander your way up the mix of rocks, smooth, ledges and head northbound for a few miles, dipping and diving between trees. There is just enough technical to keep things interesting.

After 3 larger climbs, the trail descends near Hyde Park road and turns back towards town, crossing first a driveway, then across Cerros Colorados road. Continue through the swooping turns until a small final climb with views towards downtown.

Here you’ll hoot and holler your way down ‘the luge’–please be careful, this is popular with hikers–and pop out onto Cerro Gordo road. Pedal down Cerro Gordo, either using the social cut through or hooking up with Gonzales Road and pedaling back up using Alameda to Canyon road.

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