Big Mountain Enduro Course

Really want to see what it takes to ride a Big Mountain Enduro? This route contains the classics: the big ridge from the top of Glorieta Baldy, Jagged Axe, Janker DH, and Chili Dog. These trails are steep, chunky, have drops, and are littered with challenging features.

The Ride

  • All Mountain, Enduro
  • Expert to Extreme, fitness and technical
  • Best April-October (depending on snow conditions)
  • Access from Baptist Bypass Trailhead
  • Total climb: 4,800′, Total descent: 4,800′
  • Total distance: 22 miles
  • Time needed: All Day
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Start by parking along Highway 50 just off the exit at the Baptist Bypass trailhead. You can use the green trail to connect to each of the climbs and descents

In no particular order (note this deviates somewhat from the order of the route), but recommend starting with Glorieta Baldy:

Climb the Ruiz Canyon road to the ‘Grunt’ all the way to the top. It’s a BIG climb, so good to start here and get it out of the way. From the top where the old fire tower is, you’ll drop down the Secret Trail, which for a fast rider is around a 15-minute descent.

After that big descent, you have some choices. Cross over to Snack Pack climbing trail and attack Chili Dog, where the rock features and flow will keep you grinning. Again, fast riders on this will be sub 5 minutes.

Next up is Janker DH. Follow the green trail to the road climb up to Janker DH. Janker DH is STEEP and technical and loose. Enjoy the challenge and finish back on the up climb to Jagged Axe. Fast riders complete Janker DH sub 4 minutes.

The final climb up Jagged Axe will be slow since your legs should be well spent by now. Connect to the Jagged Axe connector until you top out where the stump-cut bench lets you take in the view. Begin Jagged Axe with a fast start into a rock chute then into up and down rock gardens. There are two large drops/jumps on this trail with optional B lines if you’re not up for it. Fast riders will finish this trail around 6 minutes.

Finish on the green trail and head back to the Baptist Bypass trailhead.

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